First Battle of Port Moresby
Revenge explodes

HMS Revenge exploding, supporting cruisers are avoiding torpedo attacks.


May 6 1942


Seconds later


South of Port Moresby


Decisive Japanese Victory


Empire of Japan

United Kingdon


Tomiji Koyanagi

Lazarus V. Morgan†


2 Battleships
1 Heavy Cruiser
2 Destroyers.

1 Battleship
1 Heavy Cruiser
4 Light Cruisers
1 Destroyer
Transports and support ships


1 Battleship heavily damaged.

1 Battleship, 1 Heavy Cruiser sunk. All support ships sunk. Remainder of fleet is badly damaged.


The First Battle of Port Moresby, or モーメント作戦 (Mo Sakusen or "Operation Mo") was iniated when the British attempted to stop Japanese naval invasion of New Guinea's capital. A single Japanese battleship was reported, when in fact there were two, IJN Kongo and IJN Hiei, present. This intelligence error cost the British much of their fleet and suspended their New Guinea support for some time.

HMS Revenge's loss was the second of her class, with HMS Royal Sovereign lost in February as she arrived to fight in the Java Campaign. HMS Resolution was later lost in the Marshall Island campaign. Along with the loss of Royal Oak in 1939 and HMS Ramillies in 1943, all that remains of the five Revenge sisters are memories.