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HMS Cornwall was a County Class Heavy Cruiser in the Royal Navy.

Arrived Soerabaja (12/29/1941)

Assigned to Task Force Z to hunt Japanese Fleet in Java Sea (12/29/1941)

Task Force Z runs intercepts Japanese Carrier Fleet including IJN Kaga south of Celebes. (1/1/1942)

Kaga sufers brunt of attack 1 Japanese Destroyer Sunk

Returned to Soerabaja

Assigned to Task Force 302 to raid north of Borneo (1/10/1942)

Retasked to hitting Japanese Carrier Force (1/13/1942)

Intercepted Japanese Carriers IJN Zuikaku and IJN Akagi (1/14/1942)

Damamged done to both ships, One Japanese destroyer sunk.

Took Light Damage

Assigned Task Force 110 to raid Celebes(1/22/1942)

Took part in The Battle of Makassar (1/24/1942)

5 Japanese Ships Sunk

Watampone Raid (1/25/1942)

11 Japanese Ships sunk including 1 Destroyer

Evaded Japanese Battleship flottila near Samarinda (2/1/1942)

Intercepted Japanese convoy (2/2/1942)

4 Japanese Ships Sunk

Under air attack by Japanese Carrier Based Planes (2/5/1942)

Planes from IJN Soryu lead the attack.

Attacked Japanese Carrier Fleet (2/6/1942)

Traded shell damage with CVs IJN Hiryu, IJN Soryu, IJN Shokaku, CVL IJN Ryujo, and CLs IJN Kiso and IJN Oi. 1 Destroyer sunk per side
Damage was unable to keep Carriers from running Air Operations

Under air attack by Japanese Carrier Based Planes (2/7/1942)

Took 2 Bomb hits and Two Type 91 Torpedos from B5N1 and B5N2 Kates near Pamekasan causing Fires and Heavy Damage

Sunk (2/8/1942)

Loss Admitted (3/19/1942)