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HMS Repulse, in all her glory

First Days

Raider Success As the flagship of Task Force Z, she found and engaged a large Japanese force off the south cost of Celebes. In this battle she engaged and heavily damaged the carrier Kaga and the destroyer Hatsukazi at almost point blank range. The Hatsukazi made it furthet east to the Tukangbesi Islands before slipping beneath the waves.


Although the victim of a successful Japanese air raid on the day of her sinking, it was the damage suffered the previous night by a Type 93 "Long Lance" torpedo, likely from the destroyer IJN Wakaba on the night of February 9/10 1942, that proved fatal. This almost certainly prevented her sinking Akagi that same night.


Repulse had a spectacular and brief career in the Pacific, and cost the Japanese much more than her own worth.

Escaped undamaged Japanese Air Attack (12/7/194!)

Arrived Soerabaja (12/10/1941)

Assigned to Task Force Z to hunt Japanese Fleet in Java Sea (12/29/1941)

Task Force Z runs intercepts Japanese Carrier Fleet including IJN Kaga south of Celebes. (1/1/1942)

Kaga sufers brunt of attack, 1 Japanese Destroyer Sunk

Attacked by Japanese Carrier Based Planes (1/3/1942)

Took 2 Torpedos causing heavy damage and flooding

Limped back to Soerabaja (1/11/1942)

30 Days of repairs needed to remove flooding before attempting to cross to Cape Town for Major repairs.

Assigned to TF 339 to attempt to drive off IJN Carriers raiding Soerabaja (2/6/1942)

Ordered South of Denpasar to cut off IJN Carriers(2/8/1942)

Intercepted IJN Akagi and 2 destroyers (2/10/1942)

Took 11 Shell hits and 1 Torpdeo

Suffered Air attack from Akagi's planes
Took 4 Torpedos and sunk.
Confirmed sunk (2/10/1942)

Loss Admitted (3/13/1942)