Japanese Light Cruiser

Took Part in The Battle of Sangi (12/26/1941)

4 Allied Ships Sunk

Enagaged Task Force Z near Boeton (1/1/1942)

Raided Balikpapan(1/25/1942)

Reportedly took 1 Mine Hit

1 Allied Ship Sunk

Spotted by 139WH-3s near Madjene (1/26/1942)

Took Part in the Third Battle of Wake Island (2/26/1942)

4 Allied Ships Sunk including USS New Mexico

Raided Port Moresby with IJN Kongo and IJN Naka (4/26/1942)

2 Allied Ships Sunk

Raided Midway Island with IJN Hosho, IJN Taiyo, IJN Unyo, IJN Mizuho, IJN Nisshin, and IJN Chitose (7/5/1942)

2 Ships Sunk

Supported Invasion of Pamekasan with IJN Nagara(10/7/1942)

Spotted with IJN Chokai by Submarine near Cahm Ran Bay (11/7/1942)

Supported invasion of Eniwetok with IJN Yamashiro and IJN Chikuma (1/24/1943)

Hit with a Dud Torpedo from [USS Blackfish] near Johnston Island while Escorting IJN Kaga (5/6/1943)