Japanese Heavy Cruiser

Raided Midway Island (1/29/1942)

1 Allied Ship Sunk

Spotted by Submarine near Tanegashima (2/10/1942)

Raided Noumea (3/30/1942)

3 Allied Ships Sunk

Attacked Allied Invasion force near Lunga (4/2/1942)

Reportedly took 2 Shell hits causing Fires

4 Allied Ships sunk

Supported Invasion of Pakhoi (5/30/1942)

Raided Lunga with IJN Yamashiro (8/21/1942)

9 Allied Ships Sunk

Took Part in the First Battle of Solomon Islands (10/15/1942-10/18/1942)

Attacked by Carrier based Aircraft from USS Enterprise, HMS Illustrious, and USS Long Island with IJN Haguro near Shortlands (11/3/1942)

Reportedly Took 3 Bomb hits