Japanese Heavy Cruiser

Raided Midway Island (1/29/1942)

1 Allied Ship Sunk

Escorted Convoy near Yokohama (3/1/1942)

Supported Invasion of Noumea (3/18/1942)

5 Allied Ships Sunk including USS Louisville

Raided Wake Island (3/27/1942)

Spotted by Submarine near Sangi (5/16/1942)

Reportedly took 1 Torpedo causing Fire and Heavy Damage

Spotted by submarine near Ailinglaplap (8/25/1942)

Raided Allied Landing at Roi-Namur with IJN Isuzu. Driven off by USS Indiana, USS Washington, USS Astoria, USS Salt Lake City, USS Chicago, USS Concord, and USS Juneau (1/8/1943)

6 Allied Ships sunk including USS Salt Lake City

Reportedly took 20 Shell hits causing Heavy Fires and Heavy Damage

Believed Sunk (1/8/1943)