Japanese Heavy Cruiser

Spotted by SS Pollack near French Frigate Shoal (12/10/1941)

Engaged Allied Ships near Singkawang (1/1/1942)

6 Allied ships Sunk

Engaged Allied Ships near Batavia (2/8/1942)

2 Allied Ships Sunk

Took Part in The Battle of Batavia (2/11/1942)

Reportedly Took 10 Shell Hits

2 Allied Ships Sunk

Bombarded Port Moresby with IJN Ise and IJN Yamashiro (7/10/1942)

Took part in The Battle of Niihau (11/18/1942)

Supported Invasion of Eniwetok with IJN Yamashiro and IJN Abukuma (1/24/1943)

Bombarded Eniwetok with IJN Yamashiro and IJN Tone (2/9/1943)

Escorted IJN Zuikaku in attack on Eniwetok (3/11/1943)