Japanese Battleship

Supported Invasion of Kota Bharu (12/7/1941)

Raided Balikpapan(1/25/1942)

1 Allied Ship Sunk

Evaded Allied Task Force near Samarinda (2/1/1942)

Spotted by 139WH-3 near Batavia (2/7/1942)

2 Allied Ships Sunk (2/8/1942)

Took Part in The Battle of Batavia (2/11/1942)

2 Allied Ships Sunk

Raided Allied Ships at Batavia (2/26/1942)

3 Allied Ship sunk

Raided Wake Island (3/20/1942)

Reportedly took 5 Shell Hits

1 Allied Ship Sunk

Attacked by Aircraft from HMS Illustrious and HMS Formidable near Port Moresby (9/25/1942)

Took Part in the First Battle of Solomon Islands (10/15/1942-10/18/1942)

Spotted by Submarine near Eniwetok with IJN Kongo and IJN Tone (11/12/1942)

Took part in The Battle of Niihau (11/18/1942)

Took 19 Shell hits causing Heavy Fires

Attacked by submarine near Mili (11/24/1942)

Reportedly took 1 Torpedo causing Heavy Damage