Japanese Light Cruiser

Attacked Allied Convoy near Donggala (1/30/1942)

2 Allied Ships sunk

Raided Wake Island (3/27/1942)

Bombarded Port Moresby with IJN Ise and IJN Kinugasa (6/9/1942)

Engaged USS Washington, USS North Carolina and USS San Juan near Lihue with IJN Nagato and IJN Kuma (10/31/1942)

Attacked by Allied Carrier based planes near Aikuk (1/4/1943)

Tok 1 bomb hit

Escaped combat with USS Yorktown, USS Enterprise, and USS Wasp, Escorted by USS West Virginia, USS Minneapolis, USS Wichita, USS San Juan, USS Helena, and USS Honolulu (1/5/1943)

Raided allied landing at Roi Namur with IJN Atago. Driven off by USS Indiana, USS Washington, USS Astoria, USS Salt Lake City, USS Chicago, USS Concord, and USS Juneau (1/8/1943)

6 Allied Ships Sunk including USS Salt Lake City

Took 7 Shell hits causing Fires

Attacked by US Carrier based bombers

Reportedly took 3 Bomb hits causing Heavy Fires Heavy Damage

Sunk (1/8/1943)

Japanese Confirmed Sunk (3/29/1943)