Japanese Light Cruiser

Supported Invasion of Kota Bharu (12/9/1941)

Raided Allied Convoy near Akyab (3/15/1942)

6 Allied Ships Sunk

Escorted IJN Soryu on a raid on Wake Island Raided Wake Island with IJN Tama and IJN Yura (5/1/1942) (5/1/1942)

Reportedly took 2 Shell hits causing Fires (5/2/1942)

Supported Invasion of Pakhoi (5/24/1942)

Attacked by Allied Carrier based planes near Aikuk (1/4/1943)

Tok 1 bomb hit causing fires

Escaped combat with USS Yorktown, USS Enterprise, and USS Wasp, Escorted by USS West Virginia, USS Minneapolis, USS Wichita, USS San Juan, USS Helena, and USS Honolulu (1/5/1943)

Supported Invasion of Chefoo (1/15/1943)

Escorted IJN Akagi near truk with IJN Musashi, IJN Hiei, IJN Mikuma, IJN Tone, and IJN Oyodo (3/5/1943)