Japanese Light Cruiser

Spotted by 139WH-3s near Tandjoengselor (12/19/1941)

Took Part in The Battle of Sangi (12/26/1941)

Reportedly took 6 Shell Hits resulting in Fire

4 Allied Ships Sunk

Raided Port Moresby with IJN Kinugasa and IJN Kuma (6/17/1942)

4 Allied Ships Sunk

Spotted by Submarine near Milne Bay (7/18/1942)

Supported Invasion of Pamekasan with IJN Abukuma (10/5/1942)

With IJN Takao and IJN Agano attacked Convoy near Lunga defended by USS New Orleans, HMS Durban, USS Raleigh, and USS St. Louis (11/11/1942)