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Japanese Heavy Cruiser

Attacked Allied Convoy with IJN Ise near Shortlands (5/10/1942)

15 Allied Ships Sunk Including HMAS Perth

Escorted IJN Zuikaku and IJN Zuiho, with IJN Haguro in Solomons Raid (8/28/1942)

Evaded Combat with HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Ramillies, HMS Resolution, USS Pensacola, HMS Danae, USS Marblehead, and HNLMS Van Heemskerk near Russel Island (8/30/1942)

Attacked by Aircraft from HMS Illustrious and HMS Formidable near Deboyne Island (9/23/1942)

Reportedly Took 2 Torpedo Hits

With IJN Agano, and IJN Nagara attacked Convoy near Lunga defended by USS New Orleans, HMS Durban, USS Raleigh, and USS St. Louis (11/11/1942)