IJN Light Carrier

Spotted by HMS Repulse near Makassar (1/4/1942)

Took Part in The Battle of Batavia (2/11/1942)

2 Allied Ships Sunk

Launched Air Raid on Soerabaja (4/7/1942)

Launched Air Raid on Sydney (5/11/1942)

4 Allied Ships Sunk

Raided Midway Island (7/13/1942)

Launched Air Raid on Pamekasan (8/14/1942)

Attacked by Allied Submarined near Uruppu-Jima (8/24/1942)

Launched Raid on Solomons with IJN Zuikaku, escorted by IJN Takao and IJN Haguro (8/28/1942-8/31/1942)

5 Allied Ships Sunk

Evaded Combat with HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Ramillies, HMS Resolution, USS Pensacola, HMS Danae, USS Marblehead, and HNLMS Van Heemskerk near Russel Island (8/30/1942)

Launched Raid on Shortlands (12/13/1942)