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One Fortunate Crane

Japanese Fleet Carrier

Took Part in The Battle of Sangi (12/26/1941)

4 Allied Ships Sunk

Enagaged Task Force Z near Boeton (1/1/1942)

Spotted by Allied Ship near Balikpapan (1/13/1942)

Engaged Allied Task Forces near Kangean (1/14/1942)

Reportedly Took 8 Shell hits resulting in Fires

5 Allied Ships Sunk

Launched Raid on Solomons with IJN Zuiho, escorted by IJN Takao and IJN Haguro (8/28/1942-8/31/1942)

5 Allied Ships Sunk

Evaded Combat with HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Ramillies, HMS Resolution, USS Pensacola, HMS Danae, USS Marblehead, and HNLMS Van Heemskerk near Russel Island (8/30/1942)

Took Part in the First Battle of Solomon Islands (10/15/1942-10/18/1942)

Hit with a dud torpedo by [USS Tambor] near Uruppo-Jima (11/4/1942)

Launched raid on Lunga (12/6/1942)

Hit with a dud torpedo by [USS Pompano] near Kwajalien (1/1/1943)

Launched Air Raid on Eniwetok with IJN Kaga (3/9/1943)

Hit with a dud torpedo by [USS Silversides] near Eniwetok (3/11/1943)

Raided Maldives (4/7/1943)