====Ship classes of the Imperial Japanese Navy

Battleships (BB)Edit

Aircraft CarriersEdit

Heavy Cruisers (CA)Edit

Light Cruisers (CL)Edit

Destroyers (DD)Edit

First Class

Second Class


Escorts (E)Edit

27 Identified, 8 Confirmed Sunk.

Patrol Craft (PC)Edit

5 Identified 3 Confirmed Sunk

Torpedo Boats (TB)Edit

5 Identified. 4 Confirmed Sunk (8 Reclassifed as Escorts after refit)

Patrol Boats (PB)Edit

108 Identified 48 Confirmed sunk 5 Believed Sunk

Minelayers (CM)Edit

23 Identified 14 Confirmed Sunk

High Speed Transports (APD)Edit

6 Identified 3 Confirmed Sunk

Landing Ships (LSD)Edit

3 Identified 3 Confirmed Sunk

Sub Chasers (SC)Edit

69 Identified 34 Confirmed Sunk 3 Believed Sunk

Sub Tenders (AS)Edit

2 Identified 1 Confirmed Sunk

Submarines (SS)Edit

58 Identified 1 Confirmed Sunk 1 Believed Sunk

Minor ShipsEdit