When a thread runs as long as the WITP one has, there are bound to be a few jokes that will be lost on newbies to the thread. So this is an attempt to catagorize, and explain as many of them as can be remembered.

Royal Navy ReefEdit

This is probably the oldest running joke. It seemed in the early months of the thread, Grey was destined, through bad decisions, bad UI and plain bad luck, to sink every British Ship possible. It carried over to Jutland where goons chose the Germans just for the sake of sinking the British Fleet again.


A tiny-ass atoll in the Pacific with a small marine garrison, and an unspellable name (which in itself is a ruuning joke). For clarity, it'll be referred to as the tiny E.

The tiny E had a small garrison of marines. It also was badly undersupplied. Somehow, despite these two factors, it held off repeated, numerous assaults from the IJN. At first jokes were made about the marines using J-rations (I.E. Japanese Corpses) and being the biggest badasses in the ocean.

Then, somebody noticed that the island was fairly close to the supposed location of Ry'leh from the Cthulhu Mythos. This of course led to the supposition that the island is cursed, the marines were truly deep ones, and all sorts of things. This has also led to Cthluhu and such elements leaking out into other running jokes, such as Tokyo Bay Fortress.

Tokyo Bay FortressEdit

The uselessness of the Naval Intelligence reports has been a joke since day one of the LP. Among the various things noted each day was the repeated mention that the Tokyo Bay Fortress unit--a stationary garrison--was located at Tokyo Bay Fortress, as you might expect.

This seemed a hilariously obvious thing to mention in high-level intelligence, so it became built up as something to be truly feared and worth keeping constant track of--to make sure it hadn't gone moving to utterly destroy the Allied forces.

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