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The Greatest Thing That Ever Floated

USS Enterprise (CV-6)

She is the best ship that ever was.

She single handedly won the real WitP.

If Grey Hunter lets her get sunk for any reason, I am going to unbookmark his thread.

Has the remarkable power to inspire shivvings, because if Grey Hunter lets her sink, he will be stabbed in the kidneys. Shortly thereafter, 90% of the thread will suffer similar kidney-shivvings.

American Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier. One of Pac Coms three Beautiful Daughters.

Launched Air Attacks on the Ships supporting the Invasion of Wake Island (12/9 through 12/10 1941)

7 Ships Sunk including IJN Tenryu and IJN Tatsuta

Sent to Protect Midway with USS Saratoga, USS Yorktown, and USS Lexington and escorts (1/20/1942)

Arrive at Midway, rerouted to Wake Island (1/22/1942)

Took part in the Second Battle of Wake Island (1/25 through 1/27 1942)

Sunk 11 Japanese Ships including IJN Kirishima and IJN Fuso

Took Part in the First Invasion of the Marshall Islands (2/15/1942)

Ordered to Wake Island (3/2/1942)

Launched Attacks on Japanese Battleship Taskforce raiding Wake (3/6/1942)
IJN Hiei damaged, IJN Mutsu and IJN Kitakami Sunk (3/7/1942)

Attacked by Japanese Planes (3/9/1942)

7 Days of repairs at Pearl Harbor (3/19/1942)

Took Part in the Fourth Battle of Wake Island (4/9-4/11/1942)

Attacked by Aircraft from IJN Shokaku (4/10/1942)

Took 2 Torpedoes Causing Heavy Fires

9 Japanese Ships Sunk including the Shokaku

Begins Refit at Pearl Harbor (4/26/1942)

44 days of repairs at Pearl Harbor (5/8/1942)

Repairs Finished at Pearl Harbor (6/21/1942)

Begins refit at Pearl Harbor (7/1/1942)

Ordered with USS Yorktown, USS Wasp, and USS Long Island from Pearl Harbor to Chase IJN Kaga and IJN Hiyo after sinking of USS Copahee (8/14/1942)

Part of the Carrier Force that Supressed Tarawa Airfield before Invasion (9/11/1942-9/18/1942)

2 Japanese Ships sunk (9/17/1942)

Took Part in the First Battle of Solomon Islands (10/15/1942-10/18/1942)

Took Part in a sweep of the Solomon Sea HMS Illustrious, USS Long Island, escorted by USS Chester, USS  Chicago, USS Salt Lake City, USS Trenton, USS Concord, USS Atlanta, and USS San Diego (11/2/1942-11/7/1942)

4 Japanese Ships Sunk

Began refit at Sydney (11/13/1942)

Repairs completed at Sydney (12/4/1942)

Took Part in Second Invasion of Marshalls with USS Yorktown, and USS Wasp, Escorted by USS West Virginia, USS Minneapolis, USS Wichita, USS San Juan, USS Helena, and USS Honolulu

Evaded combat with IJN Jintsu and IJN Isuzu (1/5/1943)

Attacked by Japanese Land based aircraft near Wotje (1/12/1943)

Launched Air raids on Japanese Shipping in Marshalls with USS Yorktown escorted by USS Wichita, USS San Juan, USS Trenton, USS St. Louis, USS Helena, and USS Columbia (1/29/1943-1/31/1943)

18 Japanese Ships sunk