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The USS St. Louis (CL-49) was an American light cruiser. It was damaged during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

Attacked by Japanese Planes at Wake Island (3/28/1942)

Attacked by Planes from IJN Shokaku at Wake Island (3/31/1942)

Took 3 Bomb Hits, 2 Torpedoes causing Fires and Heavy Damage

Begins Repair at Pearl Harbor (4/20/1942)

58 days of repairs at Pearl Harbor (5/8/1942)

Defended convoy near Lunga against IJN Takao, IJN Agano, and IJN Nagara with USS New Orleans, HMS Durban, and USS Raleigh.(11/11/1942)

Began Refit at Pearl Harbor (12/19/1942)

Repairs completed at Pearl Harbor (1/9/1943)

Escorted USS Enterprise and USS Yorktown in raid on Japanese Shipping in the Marshalls with USS Wichita, USS San Juan, USS Trenton, USS Helena, and USS Columbia (1/29/1943-1/31/1943)