American Battleship crippled at Pearl Harbor

316 days of repairs at Pearl Harbor(3/8/1942)

Ordered to San Francisco to complete repairs (3/21/1942)

199 days of repairs begin at San Franciscio (4/14/1942)

175 days of repairs at San Francisco (5/8/1942)

Repairs Completed at San Francisco (10/13/1942)

Took part in The Battle of Niihau (11/18/1942)

Took 1 Shell hit

Drove off Japanese raider near Lihue with USS North Carolina, USS Astoria, USS Wichita, USS Helena, USS Phoenix, USS Honolulu, and USS Columbia (12/6/1942)

Took Part in Second Invasion of Marshalls escorting USS Yorktown, USS Enterprise, and USS Wasp, with USS Minneapolis, USS Wichita, USS San Juan, USS Helena, and USS Honolulu

Evaded combat with IJN Jintsu and IJN Isuzu (1/5/1943)

Supported Invasion of Kwajalein Island with USS Arizona, USS Colorado, USS Astoria, and USS Chicago (2/7/1943)

Under refit at Pearl Harbor (2/27/1943)

Repairs completed at Pearl Harbor (3/13/1943)

Escorted USS Wasp in shipping raid around Rabaul with USS Houston, USS Indianapolis, HMS Durban and USS Juneau (5/26/1943)